Lexington Hotel O - New Orleans, USA


Built in 1924 the restored Victorian building, an historic landmark set in the heart of downtown New Orleans, now houses the new Lexington Hotel O and Suites. Located on Canal Street, just blocks from the Superdome and the world famous French Quarter, the AAA rated three diamond approved Lexington Hotel O offers great amenities and in an excellent location. Besides distinguished accommodations and superb service, Lexington Hotel O\'s main objective is to offer their guests a memorable experience during their stay. In contrast to the traditional-styled interior, the exterior of the 14-floor Lexington Hotel O and Suites is illuminated in eye-catching colors. Using Traxon\'s Wall Washer XB-36, the façade of the hotel becomes a colorful light scene at night, smartly combining history with modern spirit. With a wide range of available optics and beam angles the customer can choose either highly focused and concentrated light or a wide light spread over increased distances to suit the desired atmosphere. The Wall Washer\'s high brightness LEDs saturates any façade with light and color, creating a rich wall-washing effect. The result is a contemporary lighting solution which creates a unique experience for all pedestrians without destroying the historical value of the building.

Category : Hospitality2 Designer or Architect : iDesign Client : Lexington Hotel O Installer : iDesign Date : 2008-06-01 Location : New Orleans, USA
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