NM Lima Hotel - Lima, Peru


The NM Lima Hotel has been actively serving visitors to Lima for the past 10 years. To elevate the popular hotel to landmark status, NM Hotel underwent a dramatic facelift led by Arquileds, which included over 100 Traxon Nano Liner XB-27 RGB. A fully customizable fixture, the Nano Liner XBs are capable of an even, rich wash. Fitted inside custom outdoor-rated boxes, the Nano Liners were equipped with a narrow beam optic for precise aiming, so that light would stay on its intended path, and would not shine into rooms or disturb guests. One of the most attractive features for the client, was the avant-garde technology that comprised the solution, both in the shape of the luminaries themselves, and also in fusion of ecue´s lighting control system with the fixtures. The entire installation is controlled with one Butler XT engine, which outputs DMX512 and has a built-in timeclock. This allowed for the system to be automated, automatically activating pre-programmed lighting scenarios at specific times during the evening. With special color shows pre-recorded one for each night of the week, the project is now highly noticeable from all corners of the city. The NM Lima Hotel stands tall today in Peru, as a testament that Traxon & e:cue is committed to providing iconic architectural lighting solutions throughout the region.

Category : Hospitality2 Designer or Architect : Claudia Paz Client : NM Lima Hotel Installer : Arquileds Date : 2011-03-01 Location : Lima, Peru
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