East Pacific International Centre – Shenzhen, China


Located in China’s vibrant city of Shenzhen, the East Pacific International Centre is the newest addition to the flourishing city landscape. Designed by architects Wong and Ouyang, East Pacific International Centre’s entrance is embodied with architect’ s signature style: a curve roofline covering the spacious interior accompanied by a glass façade, allowing a dialogue between the interior space and the exterior environment.
To add a spark to this architectural masterpiece, Glassiled was selected to create the building’s glass façade. Laminated glass with embedded LED and no visible wiring, Glassiled turns the transparent façade into a sea of sparkling light at night, adding an element of magic to the building. Light sensors measure daylight intensity and trigger the Glassiled to power on when natural daylight begins to decrease, and the installation’s ambient temperature is monitored by two temperature sensors, which power down the Glassiled if it exceeds a set temperature. The installation is controlled by an e:cue Lighting Control Engine (LCE) and one Butler XT, which allow the embedded LEDs to display a series of graphical animations thus transforming the East Pacific International Centre into a sparkling work of art.

Category : Architectural Designer or Architect : Wong & Ouyang Client : East Pacific International Centre Installer : Jianghe Curtain Wall Co. Ltd. Date : 2010-12-01 Location : Shenzhen, China
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