DOMO Showroom - Paris, France


The DOMO Showroom is a unique apartment experience center located in Paris near the famous Champs-Élysées avenue. Gabriel Kowalski specified Traxon Technologies to create ambiance in an environment with no direct daylight using LED technology as 80% of the total lighting. 1PXL Board RGB were installed behind stretched Barrisol to color the corridor and create a ceiling inside the cinema room. 1PXL Board Dynamic White™ were used to create a dimmable lighting on the ceiling inside the Game room. Additionally, 1PXL Strip RGB form a colored line on the ceiling, and 1PXL Strip Cold White simulate an outside view for the skylight inside the patio. The living room’s brick wall structure is brightly lit using Nano Liner XB-27 Cold White, and the kitchen window features a virtual landscape using 64PXL Board RGB behind Barrisol and glass. All of the lighting effects can be controlled separately or simultaneously using Light-Drive RGB, e:cue's Butler and Lighting Application Suite 5.2 software, which is capable of custom triggering such as synchronization between automatic dimming of lights when the television is powered on, or changing of the virtual window display according to the weather forecast.

Category : Hospitality2 Designer or Architect : Anne Bureau Client : Connecting Technology Installer : Connecting Technology Date : 2010-03-01 Location : Paris, France
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