Lighting Control Engine

Galleria Shopping Mall – Seoul, South Korea

Designed to control large and complex projects, the Lighting Control Engine (LCE) is a high-performance server with the e:cue software suite installed. A central control unit, this versatile  lighting control server orchestrates all devices and fixtures within a project. With the ability to output DMX512/rDM, e:net, and other protocols such as KinEt and Art-net, and the capability to integrate various audio/video, external triggering, and other desired devices and content, the LCE is the ideal solution for the most demanding projects. A built-in touch screen monitor housed on the front panel of the attractive, durable aluminum casing provides user interaction with custom graphic user interface designs. The LCE can be mounted in a 19” rack.

Key Features

  • Built-in touchscreen for user control and monitoring,
  • Equipped with e:cue’s Lighting Application Suite
  • High quality components for reliable uninterrupted operation
  • Support for a variety of Ethernet-based protocols
  • Control of up to 65,536 DMX channels
  • Easily mountable in standard 19-inch rack
  • Integration of media content


Technical Specifications

 Dimensions (W x H x D)

504.5 x 487 x 132.4 mm/19.86 x 19.17 x 5.21 inch


12 kg/26.45 lbs


100 ... 240V AC, 600W

 Operating/storage temp.

0 ... 35° C/32 ... 99° F

 Operating/storage hum.

10 ... 80% non-condensing

 Protection class



Steel with aluminium


Desktop, 19“



 User Interface

Touchscreen, keyboard/mouse (optional)

 Operating system

Windows® 7™ Ultimate

 System links

3 x e:net (RJ45 Ethernet)


2 x DMX (XLR5-Pin), MIDI, audio
4 x RS232 (D-Sub9)
3 x DVI 1 x HDMI 1 x Display Port


Video, 1 x DMX (XLR5-Pin), MIDI, audio
16 x dry contacts (screw term.)
4 x RS232 (D-Sub9)


XGA (1024x768)

 Data Storage

2 x 500 GB Harddisk (RAID 1)


  • Galleria Shopping Mall – Seoul, South Korea
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