Monochrome Tube

EVO Crane - Offenbach, Germany

Contours of warm white or cold white light impose a magnetic attraction to linear details in interior and exterior environments. Monochrome Tube distinguishes facades, walls, and borders with a concentrated, even radiance due to its front diffuser. Compact, low-profile design available in three different lengths, combined with project-specific mounting options allows the Monochrome Tube to meet rigorous application demands. For installations of varying size, the Monochrome Tube offers flexibility and lends vitality to any project.

Sleek, slim profile  The slender fixture housing allows Monochrome Tube to fit into the smallest of installation spaces. Though small and easily hidden from view, Monochrome Tube continues to deliver even strips of white light.

Three fixture lengths  Available in three different lengths (500 mm; 995 mm; 1490 mm) Monochrome Tube accommodates a wide variety of required installation spaces.

Optional dimming  Monochrome Tube may be dimmed via DMX512 through pulse-width modulation (DMX2PWM).

Daisy chain topology and simple cabling  Monochrome Tube can be daisy-chained up to 12m per power run, lowering installation and maintenance costs.

Simple connection system  Plug’n’play topology simplifies wiring and lowers installation costs.

Features : Slim-line linear LED tube in customizable lengths; High-performance LEDs; Up to 12m (39.5 ft) in continuous run; Low power consumption (7.5W/m of Tube); -20ºC ~ +50ºC Operating temperature; Plug ‘n’ Play solution; Option: dimmable with TX DMX-PWM dimmer
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Weight :
500mm: 270g / 0.59lbs; 995mm: 520g / 1.14lbs; 1490mm: 750g / 1.54lbs
Dimensions :
(WxHxL) 17mm x 20mm x 500mm / 995mm / 1490mm
(WxHxL) 0.67" x 0.79" x 19.7" / 39.2" / 58.7"
  • EVO Crane - Offenbach, Germany
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