64PXL Mirror Wash RGB

G Casino - Newcastle, United Kingdom

Traxon’s 64PXL Mirror Wash RGB, masked with a special semi-transparent tempered glass mirror, transforms into a signature design statement. This unique LED panel provides an ele- gant, technologically advanced canvas for graphics and video, to accent an array of indoor environments. Its 64 individually-addressable RGB pixels and intelligent processor create a fusion effect, allowing the display to seamlessly transition between complex images and colors, enhancing and evoking emotion in any space. 64PXL Mirror Wash RGB is controllable by DMX512 and e:pix/DVI input signals. Smart Chip technology and intelligent software allow for flexible control.

Dual elegance  Combining the radiance of reflection and light, the 64PXL Mirror Wash RGB appears as a normal mirror when powered off. When switched on, custom designs shine in over 16 million colors.

Easy Installation  Mirror panels are easily joined to create scalable, dramatic installations. Integrated mounting clips allow for direct or DIN rail mounting (TS-35).

Simple connection with TX ConnectTM  Power and data are combined into one cable with the simple TX ConnectTM, a universal system that enables plug’n’play set up.

Smart Chip technology  Each of the 64 pixels is auto-addressable and easily configured.

Features : 64 pixel LED mirror panel, Reflective glass, Wash effect, Video replay, Auto-addressing; DIN rail mounting capability; TX Connect™ Smart
Environment :
Control :
DMX, e:pix/DVI
Weight :
7kg / 15.4lbs
Dimensions :
(L x W x H) 500mm x 500mm x 95mm, 19.7" x 19.7" x 3.7"
  • Hong Kong Fashion Week - Hong Kong, China
  • Hotel Beni - Osaka, Japan
  • Acura - New York, USA
  • Biotherm - Shanghai, China
  • Club Q - Zurich, Switzerland
  • Delilah's - Philadelphia, USA
  • Diesel Party Hong Kong - Hong Kong, China
  • Esprit - Hong Kong, China
  • Wing Wah - Hong Kong, China
  • Worldplace - Paris, France
  • Miramar - Hong Kong, China
  • La Mer - Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Sheffield 57 - New York, USA
  • Anne Fontaine - Tokyo, Japan
  • Axis Radius - Scottsdale, USA
  • Spitalfields Market - London, UK
  • Business of Design Week - Hong Kong , China
  • Guerlain - Paris, France
  • Kamppi Shopping Mall - Helsinki, Finland
  • Firekeepers Casino - Battle Creek, MI, USA
  • Heattech - New York, NY, USA
  • Blaze Nightclub
  • International Finance Center - Shanghai, China
  • G Casino - Newcastle, United Kingdom
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