Light-Drive Elite


Light-drive elite is a wall-mounted standalone DMX controller and interactive user interface for dynamic lighting. End-users can easily setup color changing effects and control lighting directly using the device.

The user interface features touch-sensitive keys and wheel with color LEDs for intuitive selection of colors and adjustment of intensity and speed. Memory function allows end-users to define four colors for color-changing effects. It can be easily connected to LED RGB fixtures through an RJ-45 connection for power and data.

The interface glassy finish is designed for an elegant appearance as well as easy maintenance.

Key Features

  • Standalone DMX controller and user interface
  • 512 channels DMX output (RGB)
  • 4 mode keys to select intensity, color, white and memory mode
  • On/off key and a play/pause key
  • 4 user-defined memory slots
  • 5 status LEDs
  • Touch wheel with 12 RGB LEDs
  • Built-in IR receiver for remote control
  • Glass finish
  • Ultra thin design
  • Available in black or white
  • Color chase on up to 12 RGB fixtures / light-points with spread effect


Technical Specifications


 Dimensions (W x H x D)

160 x 80 x 11 mm/6.3 x 3.15 x 0.43 inch


0.3 kg/0.66 lbs


24V DC, 100mA (via RJ45)

 Operating temp.

0 - 40°C/32 - 104 °F

 Storage temp.

-20 - 80 °C/-4 - 176 °F

 Operating/storage hum.

0 - 80% not condensing

 Protection class



Glass (surface), aluminium (housing)


in-wall mounting



 User interface

Capacitive touch sensor

 DMX output



IR (RC5)


System Components
Power Options :
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