Glass Touch T12


The Glass Touch T 12 has 12 buttons + on/off via touch-sensitive zones on the unit, which are located behind a smooth glass (160x80x11 mm) surface. Connected via the new e:cue e:bus protocol, the touch sensitive areas allow a sophisticated control of the e:cue butler xt for stand-alone application and the complete e:cue system (hardware + e:cue lighting- and video application suite).

The buttons can be individually configured to execute any desired function within the e:cue lighting and video application suite. In such a configuration program executions can be mapped to the interface in any order desired for more complex scenarios.

The Glass Touch terminals are also outfitted with an infra-red sensor, enabling remote control. Optical status is provided via 13 red LED indicators.


Key Features

  • 12 freely configurable buttons
  • 1 On/Off-Button
  • 13 red LED indicators
  • Remote control possible through built-in IR Receiver
  • Glass front
  • Compatible to standard in-wall fittings
  • Ultra thin
  • Different designs available
  • Connects via free topology e:cue e:bus (2-wire power and data connection)


Technical Specifications

 Dimensions LxWxH(mm) / LxWxH(inches)

80 x 160 x 11 / 3.15 x 6.3 x 0.43

 Weight kg/lbs

0.21 kg/ 0.46lbs

 Power supply

24 VDC, 16 mA (via e:bus)

 Operating / storage temp. °C/°F

0°-40°C / 32°-104°F

 Operating / storage hum.

0-90% not condensing




Glass (surface), aluminium (housing)


In wall mounting



 User interface

Capacitive touch sensor

 System link

E:bus (screw terminals)




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