Dot XL

Project Hope - Munich, Germany

Dot XL is the ultra-bright, fully-customizable solution for creative and demanding media projects.  Configurations of three, six, or nine LEDs within each enclosed Dot casing, and numerous additional customization options, render Dot XL’s flexibility unmatchable and its application possibilities nearly limitless.  Each Dot is individually-addressable making this durable, scalable solution equally ideal for vivid accent, text, graphics, and video replay in installations of any size and complexity.  Dot XL is IP67-rated and designed to withstand weather-changing environments.  Suitable for daylight viewing, it also shines brilliantly through adverse exterior conditions to boldly communicate messaging or evoke emotion.   Dot XL is controllable by DMX and e:pix/DVI input signals, and its Smart Chip technology and intelligent software allow maximum control of even the most intricate media scenarios.

Various customization options – Dot XL customization choices include number of LEDs per round Dot casing (3, 6, or 9); pixel pitch; and diffuser dome.

Flexible mounting capability –Mounted on a flexible string, Dot XL is not confined to a rigid, pre-determined form or structure, and can therefore accommodate a variety of irregular surfaces, planes, and configurations.

Outdoor-rated – Dot XL is IP67-rated, UV-resistant, and designed to withstand outdoor elements, rendering it a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Smart Chip technology – Each Dot XL pixel is auto-addressable and easily configured.

Features : High intensity SMD LEDs; Scalable system and customizable pixel pitch (150mm minimum); Individually controllable pixels; Outdoor (IP67); Auto-addressing; Easy mounting
Beam Angle :
120 Degree
Color :
Environment :
Outdoor IP66
Outdoor IP67
Control :
DMX, e:pix/DVI
Weight :
Dot XL-3: 25g (per dot); Dot XL-6/9: 80g (per dot)
Dimensions :
Dot XL-3: 36.2mm x 11.8mm / 1.43" x 0.46" (dot size)
Dot XL-6/9: 66mm x 15.6mm / 2.6" x 0.61" (dot size)
  • ICC Hong Kong - Hong Kong, China
  • Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre - Hong Kong, China
  • Project Hope - Munich, Germany
  • La Geode Entrance - Paris, France
  • UNIQLO Shinsaibashi Flagship Store - Osaka, Japan
  • ESPRIT Flagship Store – Frankfurt, Germany
  • HSBC – Hong Kong
  • Mission Space - Neede, The Netherlands
  • OVO - Lyon, France
  • Oskar-von-Miller-Tower - Munich, Germany
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