Imagic Weave

HAVER & BOECKER headquarters - Oelde, Germany

IMAGIC WEAVE masters the balance of structure and art.  The creative and sustainable possibilities of Traxon LEDs paired with the rugged structural durability of Haver & Boecker’s stainless steel mesh, meld together to become IMAGIC WEAVE, a woven grid equipped with individually-addressable LEDs, which converts building facades into unique, transparent canvases for vivid, large-scale media.
IMAGIC WEAVE’s steel composition acts a flat, unobtrusive second skin, protecting the building from harsh elements and harmful UV rays while serving as a thermal layer.  Its linear LED configurations are easily attached to the mesh structure with a patented clip system, which enables uncomplicated maintenance and addition of LED configurations to a mesh unit not originally including the component.  A choice of three pixel pitches of 50mm, 62.5mm, or 125mm, render IMAGIC WEAVE capable of medium-resolution graphics, text, and video animations in full color. 
IMAGIC WEAVE is IP67-rated for both indoor and outdoor environments, with an available optimal viewing distance of 40 meters to 400 meters.  Due to its scalable and precise properties, IMAGIC WEAVE units are custom built for each individual project.  IMAGIC WEAVE is controllable by DMX and e:pix/DVI input signals, and Smart Chip technology and intelligent software allow maximum control of even the most intricate media scenarios.
Rugged structure  Built on the durable, rugged structure of Haver & Boecker’s stainless steel wire mesh, IMAGE WEAVE communicates strong industrial design influences and contributes to the character of any façade with its clean, non-obstructive surface.  Its strength and expert engineering adds to the building’s stability.

Many customization options  LED profile length; number of pixels (from six LEDs to 48 LEDs per profile piece); pixel pitch (50mm, 62.5mm, or 125mm); and the configuration and location of each LED profile, can all be custom selected.  

Simple maintenance and upgrades  Linear LED configurations are easily attached to the steel mesh with a patented clip system, which clips from the back of the structure allowing easy installation and maintenance of the LED units.  The clip system also allows LED configurations to be added to the mesh after initial installation, therefore enabling upgrades to Haver & Boecker mesh facades not originally including the LED component.

Medium-resolution  Each IMAGIC WEAVE unit is comprised of individually-controllable LED nodes allowing medium-resolution, large-scale graphics, text, and video animations.

Outdoor-rated  IMAGIC WEAVE is IP67-rated, UV-resistant, and designed to withstand outdoor elements, rendering it a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environments.  Additionally, it serves as a second skin, shielding building facades from sunlight while acting as a thermal layer. 

Smart Chip technology  Each IMAGIC WEAVE pixel is auto-addressable and easily configured.

Features : High quality stainless steel weave; Suitable for extreme environments (IP67-rated); UV resistant; High performance and energy efficient; Transparent façade; Retrofit; Medium to high resolution display; Auto-addressing; Easy generation of graphics, media contents, videos
Beam Angle :
120 Degree
Environment :
Outdoor IP67
Control :
DMX, DVI, e:pix
Dimensions :
  • HAVER & BOECKER headquarters - Oelde, Germany
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