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The Shield AC XB Wall Washing and Grazing LED System Extends Traxon Technologies’ Leading Edge in Flexibility, Simplicity, and Innovation

Hong Kong -- January 14, 2011 - Traxon Technologies is proud to introduce the Shield AC XB lighting system, best suited for wall washing and grazing applications where fixtures are located far from the control area, or where the structural construction is complicated and extensive cabling or mounting is limited.
Powered by line voltage, the Shield AC XB system can run up to 300 meters away from the nearest power source. It eliminates the need for separate driver units and is perfectly suited for large scale architectural installations, such as bridges and high-rise buildings, as it allows more flexible placement of fixtures in outdoor applications.
Based on the standard daisy-chain topology and using one cable for power and data, the Shield AC XB system simplifies wiring and helps save installation time and costs. The field-installable connectors provide wiring flexibility, allowing installers to optimize cable length and fixture positions. High flux LEDs used in the system sustain Traxon’s leading edge in high brightness and energy efficiency, helping customers save on energy costs. The detachable LED head is designed to be separated from the power unit in the base to avoid a major source of heat, ensuring the LEDs can sustain their rated lifetime, and simplifying long-term maintenance.
Rated IP66, a robust heat dissipation system and an industry leading temperature threshold [60°C / 140°F] make the Shield AC XB system the perfect choice for applications in extreme environments. Additionally, cutting-edge control technology from Traxon & e:cue allows smooth color mixing and dynamic white tones.

Product News | 07 October, 2011
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