Management Team

Nicolai Wiest
CEO & Founder

Nicolai Wiest is CEO and Founder of Traxon Technologies.  Wiest’s role at Traxon is pivotal; his inspiration and vision have elevated Traxon to be in a unique position of shifting paradigms, and his leadership has enabled the company to transform from a products company, to a solutions company and industry leader for solid state lighting (SSL).  He is currently driving the transition from conventional lighting to SSL for a better, more sustainable future.  Wiest motivates the Traxon team, its customers and partners, to make a difference in their industry.


Gifted with the instinctive ability to creatively target talented people and organizations, Wiest is able to harness the skills and strengths of these individuals and companies, enabling them to accomplish goals far beyond what they perceived capable.  Wiest has also been the architect of several successful strategic alliances, which have changed the way lighting and building materials work together as an integrated solution.

Prior to founding Traxon Technologies in 2005, Wiest was Founder and CEO of Traxon Group Ltd. (Hong Kong), a company for design and lifestyle products, where he identified the market and industry potentials to create several successful product concepts and launch numerous in-house developed consumer products, such as Traxon’s “Classic Minicooler,” which was a worldwide success selling over one million pieces.  Many of these products won prestigious product awards such as Red Dot and iF Design. During this time (1997 – 2005), Wiest set up eight offices globally and grew a team of two employees to the over 200 employees present today.  In 2000, Traxon Group Ltd. launched its first LED lifestyle product under the “Mood Light” brand and earned itself a place as an innovator in the LED industry. This was to evolve in today’s Traxon Technologies.

Wiest’s foresight and talent to identify the power and value in providing the market with a seamless solution of lighting and controls, enabled him to expertly seek out e:cue lighting control and pair them with Traxon to produce a flexible company and an unstoppable force.  Positioned as the “No. 2 Brand” in the architectural LED lighting industry with offices and showrooms across the world in countries including China, United States, Germany, UK, France, the Netherlands, and Japan, Traxon has  successfully launched unique product lines, as well as completed multiple high-profile architectural LED lighting projects worldwide.  Furthermore, Wiest’s ability to manifest his infectious enthusiasm and passion continually motivates others.  With expertise in customized integration of SSL solutions, success of new technologies in an old industry and an understanding of vision through the eyes of an entrepreneur, Wiest inspires those around him, from clients to his staff, enabling them to achieve goals often considered impossible.

Born in Berlin, Wiest holds a degree a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Management from the University of South Carolina (USC), and a degree in Marketing and Finance from Northeast Louisiana University.  Weist has lived and worked in Europe, North and South America, and has traveled the world extensively to gain an understanding of customer needs from Japan to Dubai, to build a truly global business and organization.  He currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife and child.

Mike Mastroyiannis
Managing Director

Mike Mastroyiannis is Managing Director of Traxon Technologies.  In his role, Mastroyiannis drives the transformation of the company, molding it into the­­ global solutions company and leader for solid state lighting (SSL) within a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive industry.


Equipped with the ability to adapt to new mindset, processes, and business models which today’s SSL industry demands, Mastroyiannis’ leadership skills paired with his passion and professional will to win, prove him to be a hands-on, yet strategic leader.  He is pioneering a major shift in SSL, combining experiences from the consumer electronics industry, as well as new leadership processes, and applying them to lighting to enable the transition to digital lighting.  His careful focus on selecting the right people for the right roles, results in proven success in building the company while fueling joint success with customers and partners, through values of customer intimacy, flexibility, simplicity, and innovation.

Having spent over 20 years in Global Business Management with Philips Consumer Electronics (1986-2006), Mastroyiannis’ experience and knowledge base extends to managing global  businesses, start-up companies, product strategy and planning, fast product and business creation processes, outsourcing, and  restructuring .  He has a keen understanding of building and growing global and multicultural businesses, and skillfully manages resources in several countries, having directed start-up and mature businesses in both the US and Asia Pacific.  

Prior to joining Traxon Technologies in 2008, Mastroyiannis founded a technology start–up entity, which focused on wireless power.  He also co-founded the Wireless Power Consortium, which includes many Fortune 500 companies that created an international standard in 2010.

From 2000-2006, Mastroyiannis was Senior  Vice President and CEO of multibillion USD global business groups including Philips Consumer Electronics (Audio, Mobile Infotainment)  and held a leadership role as General Manager of Business Innovation for Philips Consumer Electronics, with a focus on generating new businesses, new business models and product/marketing  strategies.  During this time, he achieved many leading market share positions and led his company to become the number 2 brand in the audio industry.  With extensive experience in highly competitive industries such as consumer electronics and mobile communications, Mastroyiannis has experienced many industry phases and is a strong leader through times of change.  He has managed partnerships and has served as a board member for three companies within the past 10 years, in Hong Kong and China.

Born in Greece, Mastroyiannis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Master of Science degree in Electronic Automation and Computers from University of Athens, a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Marketing from University of Diepenbeek, Belgium, and a diploma in Management of Corporate Resources from IMD, Switzerland.  Mastroyiannis has lived and worked in five countries in Europe and Asia Pacific, in addition to traveling the world extensively, conducting businesses around the world. He currently lives in Hong Kong with his wife and two daughters.

Markus Veit
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Markus Veit is Chief Financial Officer of Traxon Technologies Ltd., a position he has held since the founding of the joint venture in March 2009.  Markus is currently responsible for overseeing all financial functions and IT within the company, including planning, forecasting, controlling, accounting, financing and strategic planning.  Prior to his current role, Markus was Vice President of Controlling and Regional Head of the APAC Business Unit of Display/Optic at OSRAM APAC in Hong Kong.  


With more than 20 years of experience in controlling within the OSRAM organization, Markus combines necessary knowledge of financial practice with intuition. He accurately manages all of the company’s financial and operational functions, while working to maintain and increase profitability by efficiency, improving processes and strategic planning.

Markus holds a Diploma in Business Administration and studied Economics with emphases on Investment, Financing, Banking, Economical Tax Theory and Econometrics at the University of Regensburg, Germany.   Born in Munich, he currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife and child.

Dirk Beiner
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Dirk Beiner is Chief Technology Officer of Traxon Technologies and e:cue lighting control, a global leader in LED lighting and control systems.  Prior to his current role, Beiner was Managing Director at e:cue GmbH & Co KG, a state-of-the-art control and automation company which he co-established in 2001.  Beiner is currently responsible for overseeing all Traxon | e:cue research and development offices worldwide.


Prior to establishing e:cue, Beiner worked at Gesellschaft für Netzwerk und Kommunikation mbH, a network and telecommunication systems company, where he had served as Managing Director since 1998.

With 10 years of experience in business management, from start-up to international operation, and nearly 10 years of experience with lighting control systems, Beiner has a crucial mix of high-level expertise in business operations, project management, and technical skill.

Beiner’s vision and focus on a strategic shift from stage lighting technology to architectural lighting applications, with attention to the more demanding requirements and functionality of LED technology, contributed to the creation of e:cue in 2001.  His expertise has added to Beiner’s integral role in projects such as the development of software and hardware-based control solutions and LED driver technology, including TX Connect™, a connect system combining power and data into one cable for all Traxon products to ensure a fully integrated lighting solution.  Most recently, Beiner worked to implement an RDM (Remote Device Management) system to YAS Hotel in Abu Dhabi, which is currently the largest LED project in the world.

Peter Chi Foon Tin
COO (Chief Operations Officer)

Peter Tin is Chief Operations Officer of Traxon Technologies Ltd., a position he has held since April 2008.  Tin is currently responsible for overseeing all strategic and operational functions and holds key leadership roles in the Outsourcing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Purchasing and Industrial Engineering departments.  Prior to his current role, Tin held senior executive roles in American, European and Asian companies, serving organizations including ASAT Semiconductor, Philips, Bombardier Transportation, SanDisk, Western Digital, and National Semiconductor.  


With over 20 years of experience in leadership roles in technology adoption life-cycle management, quality, manufacturing operations, industrialization outsourcing, supply-chain development in global companies, Tin always positions himself as a servant leader capable of engaging and influencing cross-functional resources at various levels, from the production floor to the board room, to deliver value to the customers and the organization’s stakeholders.

Tin holds Bachelor of Sciences degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering, and a Masters degree in Systems Engineering - Quality & Reliability, from the University of Arizona.  He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.  Tin has garnered inspiration from his favorite book, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t (Collins), the film “Apollo 13”, and two musical works, “Yellow River Piano Concerto” and “Toreador Song” from Carmen.

Andreas Koerber
Senior Director of Product and Systems Strategy

Andreas Koerber is Senior Director of Product and Systems Strategy at Traxon Technologies Ltd., a position he has held since October 2011.  As such, he is responsible for the planning of all products, systems and brands within the entity.  Prior to this role, Koerber was Chief Marketing Officer for the OSRAM LEDVANCE range, a series of professional LED Luminaires, which are planned, developed and manufactured by Traxon in Hong Kong, and distributed via the OSRAM sales organization, with special focus on the trade and wholesale channels.


Prior to his current role, Koerber had been Global Business Segment Manager LED Luminaires at OSRAM in France, where he started and developed an innovation cell for the new business segment, “Professional LED Luminaires”.

With over 20 years of post-graduate industrial experience in the international lighting sector, Koerber is a creative business manager with equal strengths in the marketing and engineering sectors.  His ability to introduce an LED luminaire portfolio and sculpt it into a now thriving general illumination business segment, illustrates Koerber’s knowledge of the industry, as well as his ability to identify market demands and design efficient, successful solutions.  A confident manager of both projects and teams, Koerber communicates with colleagues and customers of all levels, and values a working environment which actively encourages innovation, responsibility, and excellence.

Born and raised in Germany, Koerber holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University in Munich, he currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife and three children, and enjoys playing guitar and several sports, including motor biking, sailing, power boating, and diving.

Tony Carrella
President , Traxon Technologies USA

Tony Carrella is President of Traxon Technologies USA, a position he has held since Fall 2007.  Prior to his current role, Carrella had been Vice President of Sales at Traxon since joining the company in 2003.  Carrella is currently responsible for overseeing all operations in the North American sector of Traxon & e:cue including sales, technical, and financial operations, as well as carrying out the absolute vision of the US portion of the organization.


Prior to joining Traxon and e:cue in 2003, Carrella worked at Minibar Systems where he had served as Director of Sales since 1998, and specialized in business development with large national hotel chains such as Hilton and Hyatt, in addition to managing his sales team.

Carrella continues to propel both Traxon & e:cue, having grown Traxon from a producer of small boutique retail LED products when he joined six years ago, to the professional LED lighting and control solutions company it is today.  Carrella’s ability to maintain the company’s flexible and agile pace, while harnessing the power and resources of its partner, OSRAM, has enabled Traxon to sustain an impressive growth and mobility in the industry.  Under Carrella’s tenure, Traxon and e:cue have been a part of many high-profile projects, such as WorldWide Plaza, Cirque du Soleil, Jet Nightclub, Guggenheim, New Year’s Eve Ball at Times Square, Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and City Center in Las Vegas.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Carrella holds a degree in Business Administration from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.